Taron Egerton Net Worth: Earnings, Wife, Movies And TV Shows (2023)

Quick Info

Name Taron Egerton
Net Worth $6 millin
Source of Income Acting, Singing, Endorsements and others
Date of Birth 10, Oct, 2023
Age 33 Years
Gender: Male
Profession / Occupation Actor and Singer
Nationality British-Welsh

Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor and songwriter. He’s most honored for his work in the pictures” Eddie the Eagle,”” Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and” Rocketman.” As of 2023, Taron Egerton’s net worth is around$ 6 million. His work in” Rocketman” earned him the Golden Globe for Stylish Actor- stir Picture Musical or Comedy.

This blog post will examine Taron Egerton’s career, net worth, and planned systems. We will also talk about some effects that helped him succeed.

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Early Life And Education

In Birkenhead, Merseyside, England, Taron Egerton was born on November 10, 1989. His father possessed a bed and breakfast close to Liverpool, while his mama worked in social services.

They’re both natives of Liverpool. Despite being an Englishman by birth, Egerton identifies as a Welshman” through and through” and is fluent in both languages. His Welsh given name means” thunder” in English. Two of his youngish half-sisters live.

After his parents disassociated when he was two times old, Egerton was dislocated to the Welsh islet of Anglesey with his mama, where he attended the primary academy. When he was 12 times old, the family moved to Aberystwyth.

Egerton made his professional amusement debut in 2011 with a brief part in the ITV series” Lewis” after graduating from the theatre academy. Later, he appeared as a lead in the pictures” Testament of Youth” and” The Smoke” on Sky1.

In Hollywood, Egerton is a rising star whose career is only getting started. The TV show” The White House Plumbers” and the movie” Black Bird” are just two of his planned gambles.

Taron Egerton Net Worth

Professional Career (How did he get started in acting?)

In 2011, Egerton debuted in a minor role in the ITV series “Lewis.” He then appeared as a lead in the movies “Testament of Youth” and “The Smoke” on Sky1.


Egerton debuted in the 2014 action spying comedy movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service” as Gary “Eggsy” Unwin. The movie was a box office and critical hit, and reviewers complimented Egerton’s portrayal. In the 2017 follow-up, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” he played the same part again.


Egerton appeared in the musical biopic “Eddie the Eagle” in 2016. He took on the role of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards, who overcame all barriers to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Critics praised Egerton’s performance and nominated him for a Golden Globe for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.


Rocketman, a biographical musical released in 2019, featured Egerton. Critical acclaim was given to his record of Elton John. He was nominated for a Golden Globe and ultimately won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy award.

Egerton’s career in Hollywood is starting, but he’s already a rising star. The film “Black Bird” and the TV series “The White House Plumbers” are just two of his planned ventures.

Taron Egerton Net Worth 2023

Taron Egerton is a Welsh actor and singer with a net worth of $6 million as of 2023. He is best known for his roles in the films “Eddie the Eagle,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and “Rocketman.”

Breakdown Of Taron Egerton’s Net Worth In 2023

SourceAmount (USD)Percent Contribution
Acting4 million66.67%
Singing1 million16.67%
Endorsements1 million16.67%

Taron Egerton’s acting job is the primary source of his wealth. The films Eddie the Eagle, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and Rocketman feature him prominently. He has also seen success in the music industry as a singer, having released multiple singles and albums. Endorsements, like the one he has with TAG Heuer watches, are another source of revenue for him.

Remember that the following is merely a summary of Taron Egerton’s wealth in 2023. It’s impossible to predict whether his wealth will rise or fall in the future because it fluctuates continually.

Taron Egerton’s Previous 5 Years Net Worth Trend

YearNet WorthIncrease Rate
2018$2 millionN/A
2019$5 million150%
2020$5 million0%
2021$5 million0%
2022$6 million20%
2023$6 million0%

Taron Egerton’s wealth grew by 20% in 2022, as shown. This is because of how well “Black Bird” did at the box office, where he starred. The film was well received by critics and audiences alike, and Egerton’s performance was singled out for particular appreciation.

But in 2023, his wealth stayed put at $6 million. This is because he did not have any critically acclaimed albums or movies launched that year.

As Taron Egerton continues to act in financially fruitful movies and music videos, his wealth will likely rise. His wealth may remain flat or decline if no large initiatives are produced.

Source Of Income


Starring in hit movies like “Eddie the Eagle,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and “Rocketman,” Taron Egerton has established himself as an A-list actor. His voice-acting work in movies like “Sing” and “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance” has also helped him financially.

Taron Egerton Net Worth


Taron Egerton has released several albums and singles. He’s also gone on tour with many other acts. His singing career has reportedly earned him $1 million.


Among the many companies that Taron Egerton has supported are Nike, Tag Heuer, and Jaguar. From endorsements alone, he has probably made $1 million.


Royalties from his music and movies and residuals from his television appearances could be additional income streams for Taron Egerton.

This is merely a high-level summary of Taron Egerton’s financial circumstances. The specific amount he makes could change based on the outcomes of his projects and the conditions of his contracts.

Taron Egerton’s Wife And Personal Life


The actor Taron Egerton is single and childless. Since 2018, he’s been seeing Emily Thomas. Thomas composes and performs his music. They have been spotted together on multiple occasions but have mostly kept their romance under wraps.


Egerton has previously expressed his hope of starting a family shortly. His stated goal is to provide a stable, caring home for his future offspring to grow up in.

“I think I’d be a good dad,” he said. “I’m very patient, and I love kids. I think I’d be a lot of fun.

Egerton is reluctant to discuss his personal life in any detail. He has, however, stated that he is content with his life and appreciates the many chances he has been afforded.

Taron Egerton Movies And Tv Shows

Taronn Egerton’s movies and TV shows are as follows.


  • Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)
  • Testament of Youth (2014)
  • Eddie the Eagle (2016)
  • Sing (2016)
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)
  • Robin Hood (2018)
  • Rocketman (2019)
  • Billionaire Boys Club (2018)
  • Black Bird (2022)
  • Tetris (2023)

TV Shows:

  1. The Smoke (2014)
  2. Moominvalley (2019-2020)
  3. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (2019)
  4. The Sandman (2021)

Short Films:

  • Glimpse (2021)
  • Come Home (2021)

Awards And Achievements


  • Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical (Rocketman, 2019)
  • Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (Rocketman, 2019)
  • Empire Award for Best Male Newcomer (Kingsman: The Secret Service, 2014)


  1. BAFTA Rising Star Award (2014)
  2. BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (Rocketman, 2019)
  3. Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media (Rocketman, 2019)
  4. Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie (Black Bird, 2023)
  5. Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role (Rocketman, 2019)

Taron Egerton Net Worth

Other Achievements:

  1. Ranked #1 in The Hollywood Reporter’s Next Gen Actors list (2014)
  2. Ranked #1 in Time magazine’s 10 Actors to Watch list (2014)
  3. Named one of GQ’s Men of the Year (2019)

Taron Egerton is a largely accomplished actor who has entered the critical sun for his work on both film and TV. He’s known for his versatility and ability to bring complex characters to life. His awards and achievements are a testament to his gift and fidelity.

Some Quotes Of Taron Egerton

I’m into books – I love literature, so I toyed with the idea of being an English teacher. I had a fantastic English teacher at school. I think great English teachers make the world go round.

Taron Egerton

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that I don’t think a man ever looks better than when he’s in a suit. So I’m wearing them increasingly, not in my personal life, but in my professional life, and I’m really enjoying it

Taron Egerton

To be perfectly honest, I like pressure. I think it’s what makes me perform at my best.

Taron Egerton

I’ve met some incredible people who I really admire.

Taron Egerton

I had dreams of winning Olivier Awards.

Taron Egerton


As of 2023, Taron Egerton, a budding Hollywood actor, had a $6 million net worth. In popular movies like “Eddie the Eagle,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and “Rocketman,” he has acted as the lead. He is a gifted singer who has put out some singles and albums.

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What is Taron Egerton’s net worth in 2023?

Taron Egerton’s net worth is around $6 million in 2023.

What are the main sources of income for Taron Egerton?

The primary sources of income for Taron Egerton are acting, singing, and endorsements.

How did Taron Egerton make his money?

Taron Egerton has made his money through his acting career. He has starred in several successful films, including “Eddie the Eagle,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” and “Rocketman.” He has also earned money from his voice acting work in films such as “Sing” and “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.”

What are Taron Egerton’s upcoming projects?

Taron Egerton’s upcoming schemes comprise the film “Black Bird” and the television series “The White House Plumbers.”

Is Taron Egerton married, and does he have any children?

Taron Egerton is not married and does not have any children. He has been in a relationship with Emily Thomas since 2017.

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