How to Block Mind-reading Technology Through 10 Practical Ways

Mind reading technology is still in its early stages and there is no proof that it can completely extract someone’s thoughts. However, as technology is evolving daily, who knows what the future holds? Even if true mind reading is not quite here there is no harm in taking some steps to make your brain and thoughts safe.

Fear not here are ten practical ways to help you increase your mental privacy in our tech-driven world.

10 Practical Ways to Block Mind-Reading Technology

  • Faraday cage
  • Infrared reflective glasses
  • Copper bracelets
  • Signal jamming devices
  • Seek signal disruptive environments
  • Shielding hats
  • Stay informed
  • Infrared blocking makeup
  • Noise generators
  • Mind focus techniques

1. Faraday cage

A Faraday cage made of wire mesh or aluminum foil could prove helpful in blocking electromagnetic radiation and radio waves.

How to build one?

Wrap a room or container in wire mesh aluminum foil or any conductive material. When an electromagnetic wave hits the wires or mesh, the wire mesh will drive the current away. It will work like a highway for incoming electrons and you sitting in the room or container in the center will receive a mild effect of electromagnetic radiation.

2. Infrared reflective glasses

Facial scanners can be used in mind-reading technology, but the infrared reflective glasses help you block these scanners and add a new layer of privacy.

How to Block Mind-reading Technology

How do they work?

infrared reflective glasses reflect the infrared and make your face like a glowing orb in cameras and keep you safe from mind-reading technology.

3. Copper bracelets

The theory about copper bracelets is that copper disrupts electromagnetic fields (EMFs). If you suspect mindreading tech it could be helpful to wear a copper bracelet.

4. Signal jamming devices

These are the devices that jam signals. They can disrupt communication signals and don’t let the mind-reading technology work properly. And it will be a defensive approach against unwanted signals.

5. Seek signal disruptive environments

Look for places that can interfere with the signals caves with thick walls and areas with high magnetic fields are some examples. Such types of places can help you prevent detection by mind-reading technology.

6. Shielding hats

These are specially designed hats that claim to block or absorb external magnetic fields and keep your brain safe.

7. Stay informed

Stay informed and current about laws and regulations regarding your mental privacy. Knowing your rights empowers you to keep your thoughts your own.

8. Infrared blocking makeup

There are makeup products with infrared-blocking pigments.

How do they work?

They might not stop someone from reading your mind these can create difficulty in facial recognition cameras and keep you safe.

9. Noise generators

Using white noise machines and apps can create a constant background hum. Some believe it could interfere with any potential mind-reading signal.

10. Mind focus techniques

Practice mindfulness, meditation, and brain exercises. It will strengthen your focus. A focused mind is less susceptible to outside interference and makes it hard for anyone to pry into your thoughts.


Remember mind mind-reading technology is still in the realm of science fiction However, these methods provide mesmerizing information about mental privacy. Stay informed and up to date and have fun protecting your inner world.


Q. What is mind-reading technology?

Mind reading technology is not widely spread yet. Though its ai is to decode someone’s imagination and intentions. In simple words, it is the translation of someone’s brain activity into words.

Q. What are the some risks of mind-reading technology?

Mind-reading technology could breach our privacy by exposing our innermost intentions. And can be misused by those who have access to it.

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